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Enclose your pool and fill your empty weeks!


Whilst the legal requirements on enclosing pools vary from country to country, we have always maintained with our owners that a fenced pool – or fenced area around the house to prevent little wanderers getting close to the pool – is an absolute must. The peace of mind it gives parents is absolutely critical and it can genuinely make the difference between getting the booking and losing it to the competition.

Here’s the feedback we’ve had just this week from 2 of our owners on this very subject…

Kate’s place, in Lanzarote, is new to Tots. At first she was concerned about the investment required to fence her pool but in consultation with our ‘grandparents on the ground’ in the Canaries, John & Marilyn, she came on board with the idea and agreed to get the work done.

However, it didn’t take long for her reluctance to be turned around…

The pool barrier was the clincher of the deal each time…
” I am amazed at the interest I have had about the pool barrier.  Nearly all the bookings this week are from families with little ones and the barrier was the clincher of the deal each time. At this rate I will be looking to purchase another villa sooner rather than later.”

Not only for Tots guests but for all Kate’s bookings, the new pool fencing is proving a wise investment and has more than paid for itself already!

The same was true for Penny in the Charente, France. Here’s her take on it…

Simply enclosing our pool doubled our booking season and income!
“Having set ourselves up as a holiday let to specifically provide accommodation for young families, we operated for a few years without a pool enclosure (the pool was alarmed); we did manage to fill our peak weeks but never beyond those weeks. Then we found Tots To Travel and chatted several times to Wendy Shand about joining the site.  Her advice has and always will be that in their experience, families with young children don’t just want but need pools that are enclosed and that this one investment boosts bookings.

Concerned about the investment, we did not join the website for quite some time but Oh! how I wish I had heeded the advice of the experts!  We have now put up a pool enclosure and have for the past three summers marketed our property through Tots.  Our booking season and income has now doubled thanks to Tots, and it has also had a knock on effect on our direct bookings as we can advertise the property with the pool enclosure.  In fact, our existing clients came back saying ‘I’m so pleased that you’ve finally enclosed the pool.’ 

The pool enclosure is nothing fancy, just a very simple wire fence with lockable gate that cost about €350, so less than 1 week’s extra booking (it does not however conform to French standards, we still have the pool alarm for that).  This has all been so successful that we are now looking at putting a more substantial and aesthetically pleasing fence up as our increased bookings have more than covered any costs.”

For owners with pools, there really is no more worthwhile investment in growing your business than a simple fence – the investment will be more than recouped in just one year of the extra bookings it brings in.

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