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To What Extent Should You Befriend Your Tenants? (Part One)


Just how friendly should the landlord tenant relationship become and what are the pros and cons with this?

Landlord tenant relationships can be horribly acrimonious or as nice as pie.  Those landlords who choose to manage their own properties to rent will have more face-to-face dealings with their tenants and therefore more potential for developing a friendship.  And a good working relationship at least, is desirable.

There are too many horror stories that serve as warning enough.  Often tenants purposely vandalise the rental property if their anger is sparked by the landlord, while some landlords have withheld deposits and references or purposely delayed maintenance in retaliation.

On the flip side, many landlords get on quite happily with their tenants, often lingering after a repair job for a cuppa and a chat.  But remembering that one should not mix business with pleasure, Part Two explores at what point could a friendly relationship become ‘bad for business’?

Find out more in Part Two.

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